Meet Laura Fisher

Laura Fisher is an extremely versatile fitness professional with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. She is certified by Aerobic Fitness of America as a fitness instructor, personal trainer and yoga instructor.

In the mid-nineties Laura began her career as a personal trainer and fitness instructor at Australian Body Works in Atlanta, Ga. After moving to Riverdale, New York in 2000, she began her own practice.

Laura developed a program called Body WHAM -- Workout Hard and Meditate, which has formed the basis of her teaching technique. Body WHAM combines the most positive aspects of resistance training and meditation, which is her way of focusing and emphasizing the relationship between physical and mental well-being.

While conducting her own practice she began working as a yoga instructor for children with learning disabilities at Community School in Teaneck NJ. Laura later became the Fitness Director for the world renowned biopharmaceutical company Imclone. While at Imclone she designed and ran their corporate Fitness Center, conducted yoga classes, had personal training sessions and wrote for their quarterly newsletter.

Laura has been featured in the Riverdale Press and the Bergen Record for her unique and effective training style. In addition, the yoga program that she developed for young students was profiled on NBC Nightly News.

Despite her extensive background in fitness, Laura continues to expand her knowledge on the human body. In May 2009 she received her certification as a Reiki Master.

Her talents extended as a narrator of a confidence-building CD entitled Free High Natural, which aids people in overcoming their addictions.

For further information you can contact Laura Fisher at healthywithlaura@gmail.com or call 917-647-3458.

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