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A Hatha Yoga Program specially developed for women with osteoporosis or osteopenia and for women wanting to prevent, and possibly reverse bone loss. Experience the joy of yoga - learn how it can help you everyday – on and off your mat. This diagnosis affects one out of every two women after the age of 50. Learn to strengthen your bones, increase your flexibility and have better balance! Refresh your body, and relax your mind while enjoying a gentle yoga practice.

With practice OsteYo will also aid in strengthening of the lower back and hips; reducing tension and pain as well as lessening shoulder pain and strain.

Laura was fortunate enough to attend yoga workshops given by Gary Kraftsow who is one of the world’s leading Yoga therapists and designer of the only Yoga practices demonstrated to be effective for back pain in a National Institutes of Health-sponsored clinical study.  If you are one out of the 8 to 10 Americans who have or will experience back pain, Laura can help you learn how to make this practice a part of your everyday routine for health and well-being. 

You will also learn how all healing begins with your breath

For further information you can contact Laura Fisher at healthywithlaura@gmail.com or call 917-647-3458.

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